Thursday, December 16, 2010

CANCER:JUN 21--JUL 22,2011...

Cancer - Personal and Social Life in 2011:

Are most of your friends also your colleagues? You may want to widen your social circle and meet more people outside your work this year. It'll be more fun, and probably more interesting.

You're basically a homebody, but this year you're going to want to expand your horizons, and perhaps travel to a place you've always wanted to see. No, it's not an indulgence. Getting away from home occasionally can be not only fun, but rejuvenating. You'll meet interesting people and view fascinating places - and have much to share with your loved ones. Have fun!

New friends could be coming out of the woodwork. Most of them will be interesting and kindhearted people, and you'll definitely enjoy their company. But don't forget your family and your old friends. There will be times during 2011 when you really need them - and will be grateful for their presence. Expect interesting events in July and November. Then, welcome 2012 with open arms.

Cancer - Love in 2011 - Couples:

A very fortunate year is shaping up. Your love life should be about as close to a fairytale as real life can be. However, don't get complacent and take your mate for granted.

Your relationship should be full of surprises in 2011. Your partner has ideas that you never even dream of. Don't allow yourself to get into a rut. You, too, are full of surprises; just be sure that your dear one discovers them. No matter how long the two of you have been together, there will always be new things to learn about each other.

Is your partner ambitious? He/she may end up putting in long hours. This could be frustrating, but you're willing to tolerate it - up to a point. Before you go crazy, talk to your partner and ask if there is some way that he or she can advance without having to spend so much time and effort away from your home life. After all, you work to live; you don't live to work.

Cancer - Love in 2011 - Singles:

Are you dreaming of a home and family? Stop dreaming, and start socializing. There are attractive prospects out there, but you won't meet anyone special unless you decide to meet new people.

Your warm heart and sympathetic nature can attract the right person, and you might actually find someone who lives rather close to you. Take walks through your neighborhood; frequent local businesses and get more involved in your community.

You'll very likely meet someone who's a lot like you, and you'll bond fairly quickly. Just be careful not to move too fast too soon.

You tend to be rather idealistic, and oftentimes when you meet someone new and attractive, you view them as perfect. They aren't! The secret of true love is learning to love someone in spite of their flaws. But don't accept too many. That could backfire. Hold on to reasonable standards.