Thursday, December 16, 2010

SAGITTARIUS:NOV 22--DEC 21,2010...

Sagittarius - Personal and Social Life in 2011:

You're an optimistic soul, Sag, and this should be a great year for you. Your intuition is very active, so "it" just might happen. Just be sure to look before you leap.

Most of the time, you're pretty healthy. You exercise, take vitamins, and spend lots of time in the Sun. However, there are times when you push yourself too hard, and end up collapsed and exhausted. Try to pace yourself. Good health is important, but you should balance it with friendship, contemplation, and acquiring knowledge. There's more to life than breaking records.

You have many friends and beloved relatives, and it's difficult for you to give equal time to everyone. Sometimes you neglect one or two people - and they could be offended. It's hard to remember everyone, but if you can't see someone, try to at least give him or her a phone call. It's better than nothing, and this person will be be glad to hear from you.

Sagittarius - Love in 2011 - Couples:

You have a number of ideas about your future together, and one of them involves learning as much as you can. Discuss what each of you wants to do and try to learn together.

Both of you like to be out and about, and therefore you're rarely bored. You enjoy taking classes, meeting with friends, attending plays, concerts, and lectures. This thirst for knowledge often results in a lot of fascinating conversations - sometimes late into the night. Yet a little frivolity can be stimulating as well. You should make time for that this year.

All this activity can lead you both to phases of exhaustion - and not always at the same time. One of you might be wiped out while the other is raring to go. If one of you has to work a lot of overtime, the other has to fend for him or herself, and this could cause some squabbles. Accept it. Work it out. Good luck.

Sagittarius - Love in 2011 - Singles:

If the right person doesn't appear in 2011, you might be disappointed, but still, you should enjoy the quest for love. Someone is out there for you. Keep an eye out for him or her. The right one will show up at the right time.

Even though you like going out and catching up with friends, there are times when you're weary of the whole courtship thing. When you feel like giving it up, that's when the man/woman of your dreams might suddenly appear. Never lose heart. There are lots of people out there. Keep looking. You'll learn a lot in the process.

When it seems like the world is populated solely by bores, you just might be ready to throw in the towel. What hurts the most is when someone who couldn't get enough of you suddenly stops calling and makes excuses when you call. Those, however, are few and far between, and not worth your time or affection. Most people find you interesting and attractive.