Thursday, December 16, 2010

LEO:JUL 23--AUG 22,2011...

Leo - Personal and Social Life in 2011:

Are you looking forward to a great year? You should be. One or more of your most treasured aspirations might finally become a reality. Make it happen for yourself.

You're an outgoing person, with lots of friends and hobbies. 2011 will be an active year for you, and new experiences will certainly change your life in some way. At least one of your long-term goals might finally happen. All you need to watch out for is exhaustion. Too many late nights and rushed projects could take their toll. Pace yourself.

A friend could convince you to start taking some classes. You may have doubts, but you're very likely to meet some great people who will share tips that could turn your life in a different direction. They can provide the last piece to a puzzle that you've tried to put together for years. New ideas and projects are definitely favored in 2011. Have a great year!

Leo - Love in 2011 - Couples:

Learning and socializing could be the primary focus for you and your partner. Expanding your horizons is important for both of you. Embrace every opportunity to do so this year.

The commitment between you and your mate is stronger than ever. You've found that you have more in common than you ever realized before. This is a blessing. However, be careful not to spend all your time together. Time on your own and with your friends is important to. And it's nice to come home and share your experiences.

Your partner craves wealth, and so he/she is apt to spend more time working than you would like. Furthermore, in the evenings, he or she is often too tired to be good company. Try to convince your beloved that all work and no play makes a dull life. And you came together to create a life together. The keyword is balance.

Leo - Love in 2011 - Singles:

You're aware that people are attracted to you, but you expect yourself to be perfect. Most prospective partners don't expect perfection. Sometimes a person's flaws can be endearing.

When you're sociable, excited, and enjoying life, you're more likely to attract someone special than if you just stand around. Leo is the sign of the king - and you're the ruler of your own desires. Summer is your season, and the warm days of August inspire you. If you want to meet the right person, summer is the most auspicious time.

You take it very personally when someone you like doesn't seem interested. This could happen more than once this year. But who knows? The one who walks away might know what is best. Keep on circulating, meeting new people, and being your charming self. The right person for you will come along - but meanwhile, have some fun. Be patient.