Thursday, December 16, 2010

LIBRA:SEP 23--OCT 22,2011...

Libra - Personal and Social Life in 2011:

Some perplexing decisions await you - and the more you ponder them, the more confused you'll become. Watch a movie. Sleep on it all. They are too important to act on impulsively or with too much emotion.

Usually, you're pretty healthy, but this year you might feel slower and more listless than usual. No, it's not because you're getting older. Sluggish Saturn is passing through your sign. Counter its effects by exercising, getting out with your friends, and exploring new horizons. Set new goals and explore new interests. You're not the type to give in easily.

You're as congenial as ever, but you may be preoccupied. Whatever is troubling you, don't keep it to yourself. Your family and friends may worry about you needlessly. Whether you're wondering about your job, a relationship, or your finances, share your concerns with someone. It will relieve misgivings, and he or she might actually help find solutions. Hey, it might even be fun!

Libra - Love in 2011 - Couples:

You and your partner both want career success, but you also want the relationship to last. Is overtime a must? Ask if you can take your work home. At least you'll be together.

You're not hurting for passion, nor are you lacking fulfillment of your desires. Your partner feels the same way. You're both pursuing career success because you want to have a good life together. Yet you shouldn't get so caught up in the future that you neglect the here and now. Enjoy considerable time together. You should put the relationship first. The keyword is "balance."

Career problems could have your partner worrying too much about the future, and this could affect his or her health. You should be there for your dear one, but don't sympathize too much with mundane problems. Try to convince him/her that the situation seems worse than it really is. Be patient. He or she is nervous now, but this too shall pass. Good luck!

Libra - Love in 2011 - Singles:

If the right person doesn't appear in 2011, don't go into seclusion. Finding love isn't just snaring a mate. Try working on yourself - and the right mate should come along.

You never have any problems attracting potential mates. The problem is that you tend to pick the wrong ones. A gregarious person like you meets all kinds, so there should be a few of your acquaintance who could fit your bill. Get to know some of them, maybe even the ones who aren't normally your type. You could uncover depths of insights that really appeal to you.

Are you still bitter about rejections suffered last year? No, swearing off love isn't the answer. You need to set aside insecurities resulting from past rejections, and realize that you've passed on a few prospects yourself. Keep going out and meeting new people. The day will come when you find just the right person for you. Hang in there.