Thursday, December 16, 2010

CAPRICORN:DEC 22--JAN 19,2011....

Capricorn - Personal and Social Life in 2011:

You may start 2011 feeling tired and discouraged, but your mood will pick up very quickly. Keep yourself busy doing what you love. It'll lift your spirits and stimulate your creativity.

You have a strong constitution, and you rarely get sick. However, you do work hard and end too many of your days going home exhausted. Besides the obvious - eating right and getting sufficient exercise - you need to pace yourself when you're busy. The world won't end if a task takes a little longer to finish. Take care of yourself.

Family is important to you, but you tend to spend more time with co-workers than you do with your loved ones. Find more efficient ways to get work done, and don't take up the slack with more work.

Jobs come and jobs go, but family and friends are forever. Make a resolution to spend more time with these very special people in 2011.


Capricorn - Love in 2011 - Couples:

The Moon and Venus bode well for happiness in love throughout 2011. The only problem might be too much work and not enough togetherness. Love is as important as money. Remember: balance!

You're an extremely loyal person, and you and your partner are very close. You're doing well financially. Each of you enjoys his/her work, and you often go out in the evenings to have a drink or dinner together.

Except for the usual ups and downs, you should have a great year. The only big difficulty could be that too much stress can weaken your health - both of yours.

Stress on the job can make your temper a little too explosive. It's important to remember that your partner is not your boss, and your home is not the workplace. Before going home, why not stop off at the gym and have a good workout? That will relieve the stress and put you in a better mood if you've had a rough day

Capricorn - Love in 2011 - Singles:

When you date someone, you don't take it lightly. You're looking for a lifetime partner, and not a short-term mistake. Make sure, however, that you keep that to yourself until you're sure about someone.

You prefer people with whom you have a lot in common, but this year you just might fall head over heels for someone who is nothing at all like you. You find this person exciting, loving, and refreshing. Be sure, however, that you get to know him or her on a deep level before committing. Too much frivolity could drain your energy - and your bank account.

You're a serious soul, and this year you really would like to find a mate. And there aren't very many people who view the world the way you do. You're rather vulnerable this year, and your feelings are more easily hurt than usual. Don't get too serious too soon. Before you make any sincere moves, be sure of this person.