Thursday, December 16, 2010

AQUARIUS:JAN 20--FEB 18,2011...

Aquarius - Personal and Social Life in 2011:

You've made elaborate plans for 2011, and are determined to complete them all. There could, however, be last-minute changes that need to be made. Don't be too inflexible. Go with the flow.

You're an upbeat person, and no matter what happens, you do your best to make the most of it - especially when it comes to acquiring knowledge. You'll learn more in the first few months than you did in all of 2010. Don't push yourself too hard, however. There's no hurry. Don't forget to take time out to relax and enjoy life.

You enjoy getting out and meeting new people, and there are very few whom you consider your soul mates. It's easier for you to make casual friends, and you are kind to even your difficult relatives.

This year, you just might find more close companions than you ever did before. Learn from them. Get to know them well. Enjoy!

Aquarius - Love in 2011 - Couples:

If you're hoping for a wonderful year together, you'll have it. The usual setbacks and frustrations may hit you, but you and your partner are both adventurers - and life is an adventure.

You both enjoy life, and neither of you is above acting like children. You both hate boredom and go out of your way to avoid it. You communicate well, and have similar goals and ideals. Make plans for the future, and if some don't work out, you'll have had fun making them. Move on and make others.

How do you feel about going through several weeks when every day seems just like the last? This may happen in winter. Hang in there until spring, and then marvel at the wonders of nature together. Do you hate your job? Find another one. Just make sure your relationship is going well. You and your partner need each other to be present, mentally and physically.

Aquarius - Love in 2011 - Singles:

You love to party, but you're turned on by romance as well. However, there are a lot of adorable people out there. Hint: you'll feel most comfortable with someone who's as curious as you are.

You're an interesting person, and thus you attract a lot of people. Your friendliness appeals to all, and there are times when it would be impossible to choose between one prospect or another. It becomes a problem when more than one sees you as a potential mate. How do you choose between two good options? Maybe there's still someone else out there who's even better.

It's fun knowing a lot of people, but all too often someone who appeals to you is already involved. You're smart enough to know when to back off, and realistic enough to know that you will find someone suitable. Yet, you could get depressed when you see committed couples walking hand in hand. Relax. Someday soon, that will be you.

PISCES:FEB 19--MAR 20,2011...

Pisces - Personal and Social Life in 2011:

Your intuition and artistic abilities should blossom like wildflowers in spring. It's important that you keep a written record of you're your insights and inspirations. You may eventually want to put them into an actionable form.

As long as you use your talents and continue to enrich your spiritual life, you should be content throughout 2011. You'll enjoy robust health. You view the world in a unique way, and you thrive on learning. Your everyday life should be a stimulating one. 2011 could be one of your happiest years - though the world situation could sadden you.

Are most of your friends visionaries? Some family members and/or colleagues may not understand you - or your friends. Yet they probably think you border on sainthood. Confusing? You're a force to be reckoned with - if only others knew how.

Your kindness is special and apparent, so some can overlook your ideas. January and March should be your best months - though there won't be any real bad ones. You're always the one who's glad to help, so let others help you, too.

Pisces - Love in 2011 - Couples:

Have you been hoping for a wonderful year? 2011 is about as close as it can get. Your romantic life could resemble that of a romantic comedy with a very happy ending. Be prepared for much joy.

You may be shy, but you feel secure and comfortable in the company of your love partner. Romance is definitely your strong suit. You and your mate will see places and do things that most people only dream of - and you trust each other implicitly. If you're into the arts, you'll create some wonderful tributes to your love. Don't be insecure. Instead, be happy.

Pisceans tend to doubt themselves - and therefore you can feel less than confident in your relationship. You may be the type who gets upset if you discover your mate being friendly with someone of the opposite sex. Before you go crazy, make sure that this person isn't a sibling, a platonic friend, or a married colleague. Your partner wants to be trusted.

Pisces - Love in 2011 - Singles:

Do you want a mate who, like you, has a solid vision and meaningful aspirations? You may meet several, but when the right person appears, you'll sense that this is it. Don't settle for just anyone.

You're likely to meet several attractive, artistic, and spiritually-inclined people during 2011. Some will disappoint you, others may disappear - but there is a very strong chance that the right partner for you will appear on the scene. Trust your instincts, even if you don't always pan out like you expect. There's a reason for this. The right person is out there. Be patient.

Are you tired of getting your hopes up, only to be let down? You're not alone. And, like most people, your prince or princess will eventually appear - and when it happens, your heart should know.

Too many disappointments, however, can turn you into a recluse. Don't fall into this trap. Keep socializing. A pleasant surprise awaits you.

ARIES:MAR 21--APR 19,2011...

Aries - Personal and Social Life in 2011:

2011 will be a busy year, Aries. You could find yourself working twice as hard to accomplish whatever comes your way, but careful planning before you start could render things easier for you. In the long run, however, your efforts will pay off.

The main difficulty this year could be your innate impatience - there could be a test of character for you. Move slowly and diligently, and the results you want should manifest and be appreciated by the right people.

Relationships with friends and family members could become strained. You may have to put in extra effort in 2011 to keep your bonds with them as strong as ever.

Your finances will be stable as long as you keep working as hard as usual. But don't drive yourself too hard. Eat right and exercise when you can. Get plenty of rest. Your health and strength will have ups and down. Take good care of yourself, and it can all be done.

Aries - Love in 2011 - Couples:

Your relationship with your partner should be as strong and devoted as ever. However, it's still important that you not take him/her for granted. No matter what other matters are pressing on you, be sure you set aside enough time for you and your mate to be alone together. Yes, the economy stinks, and you need to work hard and be frugal - but if you let distance grow between you and your mate, you'll regret it - no matter how well you're doing financially.

Communicate with your partner. It's important for him/her to know what's really going on with you, so that he/she knows where he/she stands. You have it in you to keep the romance going no matter what else is going on. Set aside time for you and your mate to be together - and if all you can think of is idle chitchat, so be it. Deeper matters will come up if need be.

Aries - Love in 2011 - Singles:

It may be difficult for you to find romance this year, Aries. This doesn't mean that it won't happen. But this year you're going to have to concentrate on work and money, especially because the economy will still be rocky.

Though you'll usually be content to enjoy your own company, at times you'll long for a loving partner. To find one, you're going to have to put in some effort. You enjoy meeting new people, so set aside some time to do that, maybe in different places than your usual hangouts. Tell friends you're available for blind dates!

You're a passionate person, and you like having a partner to share your interests with. Your confidence and charisma can attract a lot of people, but to keep them interested, you need to focus on their own ideas and needs. Don't talk too much about yourself. Ask about their jobs, families, and activities. Don't forget to seek out shared interests. That - and the attraction - just might be half the battle.

TAURUS:APR 20-- MAY 20,2011...

Taurus - Personal and Social Life in 2011:

If the past few years have been difficult, Taurus, you'll be relieved to know that 2011 is going to be better than previous years. The tension you've experienced will definitely lighten up!

You're tougher than most, and a markedly lower stress level should bring relief that could keep you healthy. While you could make some major changes in your life - such as a new residence or a more challenging job - you'll deal with them.

Your finances will definitely improve, and the rest of your life will be relaxed and enjoyable. March and May should be your best months.

Your immediate family may experience some changes. Births, marriages, relocations - all could shake things up considerably. But in the long run, the bonds between you and family members should be as strong as ever, and you'll be fond of any additions to the family circle.

New friends will appear - so you'll have a strong support system. Watch for new potential friends in July and September.


Taurus - Love in 2011 - Couples:

Your love for your partner should grow by leaps and bounds, though there will be times when work and money matters seem to be too much for you. Hang in there.

You're good with money, but still, worry can affect your mood and needlessly upset your partner. In the spring, however, your worries should be resolved, and you can look forward to a beautiful and very romantic summer. The desire between you and your partner should be intense. Look forward to the Summer Solstice.

Make the most of the summer months while you can, because the fall will involve concentrating more on your job. This situation might last until late November.

Spend quality time together during the holiday season to set you both up for a great New Year ahead of you. Make the most of it - before the January chill. But, even then, love endures.

Taurus - Love in 2011 - Singles:

Your passions will run wild in 2011, Taurus, and this won't be lost on your available dating prospects. Be sure you look your best, even when you run errands.

In January, the influence of the Moon and Venus in Scorpio and the Sun, Mars, and Pluto in Capricorn could create within you a sensual aura that would do history's most romantic lovers proud. But if you're going to succeed - in love or any part of life - you have to combine your kindness and sensuality with good, sound common sense.

You'll be most vulnerable in November. If you're still solo then, watch out for predators. That very sexy person you just met could be a schemer. Natives of Taurus have a way of being too generous, and thus you could attract users. Before you make yourself crazy, get to know the people you meet. You'll be glad you did.

GERMINI:MAY 21 -- JUN 22,2011...

Gemini - Personal and Social Life in 2011:

Busy as usual, Gemini? You'll make many commitments this year - but you might have troubles keeping them all. It's better to give an honest "no" than to have to break a promise. Remember that throughout the year.

If you're trying to catch up financially, you could bite off more than you can chew. There may be times when it's wiser to turn down extra work. What good is a growing account balance when you're too tired to enjoy it? Be realistic. Too often you operate on nervous energy, so you should build yourself up. And don't forget to eat foods that nourish your body.

In spite of the extra hours you're putting in, you should see your family and friends more often in 2011. Your companions could wonder why you don't call as often. If you explain to them that you're working more, they'll understand. Just make sure they know. Otherwise, your relationships could become strained.

June and October should be your best months. Make the most of them!

Gemini - Love in 2011 - Couples:

The heightened psychic bond between you and your beloved increases the understanding between you. Don't freak out. Learn to use your abilities correctly. You prefer the rational, but intuition is better in romance.

You enjoy the company of attractive friends, but this year, thanks to Saturn in Libra, your love relationship should be rock solid. You and your partner have so much in common that you can't imagine finding anyone more compatible.

Your summer is going to be blissful, but fall will be a happy time, too. November is the biggest challenge - and come December your relationship should calm back down.

Your job will be a drag, which could put your nerves on edge - and this doesn't bode well for communication. Before you unnerve your beloved, take a walk and release all your frustrations. You work to live, you don't live to work - and love, not aggravation, is what lasts.

And don't forget to communicate. If you don't talk openly, you're not "in" your relationship fully.
Gemini - Love in 2011 - Singles:
If it's commitment you want, it should come your way. However, remember that both you and your partner will want lives of your own. Time spent apart with your own friends makes for sweeter reunions.

You're a smart person, and you're attracted to intelligent people. You crave the company of people with a lot to say. This year, you're likely to find more than one deep thinker, and among them there's likely to be one who touches your heart as well as your mind. It may, however, take you all year to find him/her.

You tend to change your mind a lot - about lovers and other matters. You can also make up your mind at the drop of a hat. If you decide that a prospective lover isn't for you, don't drop him/her like a proverbial hot potato. You could live to regret it. Everyone has bad days - so give this person another chance.

CANCER:JUN 21--JUL 22,2011...

Cancer - Personal and Social Life in 2011:

Are most of your friends also your colleagues? You may want to widen your social circle and meet more people outside your work this year. It'll be more fun, and probably more interesting.

You're basically a homebody, but this year you're going to want to expand your horizons, and perhaps travel to a place you've always wanted to see. No, it's not an indulgence. Getting away from home occasionally can be not only fun, but rejuvenating. You'll meet interesting people and view fascinating places - and have much to share with your loved ones. Have fun!

New friends could be coming out of the woodwork. Most of them will be interesting and kindhearted people, and you'll definitely enjoy their company. But don't forget your family and your old friends. There will be times during 2011 when you really need them - and will be grateful for their presence. Expect interesting events in July and November. Then, welcome 2012 with open arms.

Cancer - Love in 2011 - Couples:

A very fortunate year is shaping up. Your love life should be about as close to a fairytale as real life can be. However, don't get complacent and take your mate for granted.

Your relationship should be full of surprises in 2011. Your partner has ideas that you never even dream of. Don't allow yourself to get into a rut. You, too, are full of surprises; just be sure that your dear one discovers them. No matter how long the two of you have been together, there will always be new things to learn about each other.

Is your partner ambitious? He/she may end up putting in long hours. This could be frustrating, but you're willing to tolerate it - up to a point. Before you go crazy, talk to your partner and ask if there is some way that he or she can advance without having to spend so much time and effort away from your home life. After all, you work to live; you don't live to work.

Cancer - Love in 2011 - Singles:

Are you dreaming of a home and family? Stop dreaming, and start socializing. There are attractive prospects out there, but you won't meet anyone special unless you decide to meet new people.

Your warm heart and sympathetic nature can attract the right person, and you might actually find someone who lives rather close to you. Take walks through your neighborhood; frequent local businesses and get more involved in your community.

You'll very likely meet someone who's a lot like you, and you'll bond fairly quickly. Just be careful not to move too fast too soon.

You tend to be rather idealistic, and oftentimes when you meet someone new and attractive, you view them as perfect. They aren't! The secret of true love is learning to love someone in spite of their flaws. But don't accept too many. That could backfire. Hold on to reasonable standards.

LEO:JUL 23--AUG 22,2011...

Leo - Personal and Social Life in 2011:

Are you looking forward to a great year? You should be. One or more of your most treasured aspirations might finally become a reality. Make it happen for yourself.

You're an outgoing person, with lots of friends and hobbies. 2011 will be an active year for you, and new experiences will certainly change your life in some way. At least one of your long-term goals might finally happen. All you need to watch out for is exhaustion. Too many late nights and rushed projects could take their toll. Pace yourself.

A friend could convince you to start taking some classes. You may have doubts, but you're very likely to meet some great people who will share tips that could turn your life in a different direction. They can provide the last piece to a puzzle that you've tried to put together for years. New ideas and projects are definitely favored in 2011. Have a great year!

Leo - Love in 2011 - Couples:

Learning and socializing could be the primary focus for you and your partner. Expanding your horizons is important for both of you. Embrace every opportunity to do so this year.

The commitment between you and your mate is stronger than ever. You've found that you have more in common than you ever realized before. This is a blessing. However, be careful not to spend all your time together. Time on your own and with your friends is important to. And it's nice to come home and share your experiences.

Your partner craves wealth, and so he/she is apt to spend more time working than you would like. Furthermore, in the evenings, he or she is often too tired to be good company. Try to convince your beloved that all work and no play makes a dull life. And you came together to create a life together. The keyword is balance.

Leo - Love in 2011 - Singles:

You're aware that people are attracted to you, but you expect yourself to be perfect. Most prospective partners don't expect perfection. Sometimes a person's flaws can be endearing.

When you're sociable, excited, and enjoying life, you're more likely to attract someone special than if you just stand around. Leo is the sign of the king - and you're the ruler of your own desires. Summer is your season, and the warm days of August inspire you. If you want to meet the right person, summer is the most auspicious time.

You take it very personally when someone you like doesn't seem interested. This could happen more than once this year. But who knows? The one who walks away might know what is best. Keep on circulating, meeting new people, and being your charming self. The right person for you will come along - but meanwhile, have some fun. Be patient.

VIRGO:SEP 22--AUG 23,2011...

Virgo - Personal and Social Life in 2011:

Expect a year of surprises - especially where people are concerned. Friends you've known for years will suddenly start doing weird things. You'll also change quite a bit. Be prepared.

A year of glowing health awaits you. You've grown stronger, and you'll rarely be sick. But what are you going to do with all that energy? Your longtime customs and habits may now seem boring. Try some new activities. Return to school, take up a hobby, or take a vacation. Your friends will be thrilled about the sparkle in your eyes.

Socially, you're going to get out more this year. A friend could talk you into meeting some new people, and you'll definitely be grateful. The people you meet should be interesting, intelligent, and curious - and you might embrace some new ideas. You could talk with your companions for hours - and come away with your head spinning. Welcome to 2011!

Virgo - Love in 2011 - Couples:

Are you wondering why this wonderful creature actually loves you? Don't let your insecurities get the best of you. Remember: he or she chose you to be his or her partner. That says it all.

Virgo may be the sign of the virgin, but you have a bit of the siren/satyr in you as well. You're quite charming, especially this year.

You and your sweetheart have much in common. Keep your eyes focused on your partner's strengths, and don't let your quest for perfection get the best of you. You love your mate, and he/she loves you back. That's what matters.

Your partner may lack self-confidence. If he or she seems insecure at times throughout 2011, be careful not to be impatient. The way to beat this is to send some honest compliments his or her way. Empty flattery, however, will only make things worse, so be genuine. Let your partner know that for you, he/she is the perfect match. You are, after all, in love!

Virgo - Love in 2011 - Singles:

When you look in the mirror, you might see a hundred flaws. When a love partner sees you, he or she sees perfection. Don't let your insecurities get the best of you. Believe in yourself.

Are you a bit disheartened? You can attract good friends, so why can't someone special come along? The way it goes is that when you're off guard and not worrying about romance, it just might come to you out of seemingly nowhere.

This year, work on building a good life for yourself, and then - who knows? - someone could appear who will want to share it with you. Chin up!

How many frogs have you kissed lately? Probably several - and none of them turned into a prince or princess! Are you getting tired of the game of love? Then stop playing it! The right person will be there - but you can't force it. Just get on with enjoying life - and that's when the right person will appear.

LIBRA:SEP 23--OCT 22,2011...

Libra - Personal and Social Life in 2011:

Some perplexing decisions await you - and the more you ponder them, the more confused you'll become. Watch a movie. Sleep on it all. They are too important to act on impulsively or with too much emotion.

Usually, you're pretty healthy, but this year you might feel slower and more listless than usual. No, it's not because you're getting older. Sluggish Saturn is passing through your sign. Counter its effects by exercising, getting out with your friends, and exploring new horizons. Set new goals and explore new interests. You're not the type to give in easily.

You're as congenial as ever, but you may be preoccupied. Whatever is troubling you, don't keep it to yourself. Your family and friends may worry about you needlessly. Whether you're wondering about your job, a relationship, or your finances, share your concerns with someone. It will relieve misgivings, and he or she might actually help find solutions. Hey, it might even be fun!

Libra - Love in 2011 - Couples:

You and your partner both want career success, but you also want the relationship to last. Is overtime a must? Ask if you can take your work home. At least you'll be together.

You're not hurting for passion, nor are you lacking fulfillment of your desires. Your partner feels the same way. You're both pursuing career success because you want to have a good life together. Yet you shouldn't get so caught up in the future that you neglect the here and now. Enjoy considerable time together. You should put the relationship first. The keyword is "balance."

Career problems could have your partner worrying too much about the future, and this could affect his or her health. You should be there for your dear one, but don't sympathize too much with mundane problems. Try to convince him/her that the situation seems worse than it really is. Be patient. He or she is nervous now, but this too shall pass. Good luck!

Libra - Love in 2011 - Singles:

If the right person doesn't appear in 2011, don't go into seclusion. Finding love isn't just snaring a mate. Try working on yourself - and the right mate should come along.

You never have any problems attracting potential mates. The problem is that you tend to pick the wrong ones. A gregarious person like you meets all kinds, so there should be a few of your acquaintance who could fit your bill. Get to know some of them, maybe even the ones who aren't normally your type. You could uncover depths of insights that really appeal to you.

Are you still bitter about rejections suffered last year? No, swearing off love isn't the answer. You need to set aside insecurities resulting from past rejections, and realize that you've passed on a few prospects yourself. Keep going out and meeting new people. The day will come when you find just the right person for you. Hang in there.

SCORPIO:OCT 23--NOV 21,2011...

Scorpio - Personal and Social Life in 2011:

Your health, social life, and career should all blossom in 2011, Scorpio. Opportunities will come, and you'll jump on them. Make sure, however, that this is what you truly want.

You're going to feel stronger and more confident, and this will spill over into other departments of life. Your optimism and self-assuredness should spill over into your relationships with others, too.

Your health will thrive if you tend to it. The only problem you might face is insomnia. Try to relax fully before you go to sleep. If your mind keeps buzzing, so will you.

You enjoy your own company, but this year you just might turn into a social butterfly. Friends and family members will want to make use of your money sense and keen insights in to benefit their lives. You'll act like a party animal, and therefore new acquaintances will want to see you again. Watch the overindulging, however. You won't want to gain any weight.

Scorpio - Love in 2011 - Couples:

The bond between you and your mate is intense, and should stay that way. You love each other - and your life together. Just don't get too caught up in your job. You're deeply in love. Even when you're apart, your partner is never far from your thoughts. You'll stick by each other this year and feel more bonded than ever.

It's important, however, that you give each other adequate space. Too much togetherness can do more harm than good. If you respect each other's privacy, watch out! You'll be more passionate than Lancelot and Guinevere!

Your biggest problem could be communication. You're so happy together that you want to protect your partner from anything that might upset him or her. For minor issues, this is OK. But major problems, particularly those involving formal commitments and money, need to be discussed between you. They can't be hidden forever. You know each other too well.

Scorpio - Love in 2011 - Singles:

Romantically, this could be your luckiest year ever. That is, if you get out to meet new people. Solitude is fine. But to form relationships, you have to seek them out.

The planets are certainly in your corner. There are people out there who would love to meet you. What could get in your way is your innate reserve. Scorpios are known for their passionate natures - but to find the right relationship, you must put in some time for socializing. Don't hide your thoughts. Someone will want to see more about you than what meets the eye.

Your insecurities could get the best of you this year. You might hear some casual, overly general remarks, and take them all very personally. Your skin is actually pretty thick, so you shouldn't react too strongly. However, insecure Neptune could well get in your way. Don't let this happen to you. Be brave - and be sensible. Not everything is all about you!

SAGITTARIUS:NOV 22--DEC 21,2010...

Sagittarius - Personal and Social Life in 2011:

You're an optimistic soul, Sag, and this should be a great year for you. Your intuition is very active, so "it" just might happen. Just be sure to look before you leap.

Most of the time, you're pretty healthy. You exercise, take vitamins, and spend lots of time in the Sun. However, there are times when you push yourself too hard, and end up collapsed and exhausted. Try to pace yourself. Good health is important, but you should balance it with friendship, contemplation, and acquiring knowledge. There's more to life than breaking records.

You have many friends and beloved relatives, and it's difficult for you to give equal time to everyone. Sometimes you neglect one or two people - and they could be offended. It's hard to remember everyone, but if you can't see someone, try to at least give him or her a phone call. It's better than nothing, and this person will be be glad to hear from you.

Sagittarius - Love in 2011 - Couples:

You have a number of ideas about your future together, and one of them involves learning as much as you can. Discuss what each of you wants to do and try to learn together.

Both of you like to be out and about, and therefore you're rarely bored. You enjoy taking classes, meeting with friends, attending plays, concerts, and lectures. This thirst for knowledge often results in a lot of fascinating conversations - sometimes late into the night. Yet a little frivolity can be stimulating as well. You should make time for that this year.

All this activity can lead you both to phases of exhaustion - and not always at the same time. One of you might be wiped out while the other is raring to go. If one of you has to work a lot of overtime, the other has to fend for him or herself, and this could cause some squabbles. Accept it. Work it out. Good luck.

Sagittarius - Love in 2011 - Singles:

If the right person doesn't appear in 2011, you might be disappointed, but still, you should enjoy the quest for love. Someone is out there for you. Keep an eye out for him or her. The right one will show up at the right time.

Even though you like going out and catching up with friends, there are times when you're weary of the whole courtship thing. When you feel like giving it up, that's when the man/woman of your dreams might suddenly appear. Never lose heart. There are lots of people out there. Keep looking. You'll learn a lot in the process.

When it seems like the world is populated solely by bores, you just might be ready to throw in the towel. What hurts the most is when someone who couldn't get enough of you suddenly stops calling and makes excuses when you call. Those, however, are few and far between, and not worth your time or affection. Most people find you interesting and attractive.

CAPRICORN:DEC 22--JAN 19,2011....

Capricorn - Personal and Social Life in 2011:

You may start 2011 feeling tired and discouraged, but your mood will pick up very quickly. Keep yourself busy doing what you love. It'll lift your spirits and stimulate your creativity.

You have a strong constitution, and you rarely get sick. However, you do work hard and end too many of your days going home exhausted. Besides the obvious - eating right and getting sufficient exercise - you need to pace yourself when you're busy. The world won't end if a task takes a little longer to finish. Take care of yourself.

Family is important to you, but you tend to spend more time with co-workers than you do with your loved ones. Find more efficient ways to get work done, and don't take up the slack with more work.

Jobs come and jobs go, but family and friends are forever. Make a resolution to spend more time with these very special people in 2011.


Capricorn - Love in 2011 - Couples:

The Moon and Venus bode well for happiness in love throughout 2011. The only problem might be too much work and not enough togetherness. Love is as important as money. Remember: balance!

You're an extremely loyal person, and you and your partner are very close. You're doing well financially. Each of you enjoys his/her work, and you often go out in the evenings to have a drink or dinner together.

Except for the usual ups and downs, you should have a great year. The only big difficulty could be that too much stress can weaken your health - both of yours.

Stress on the job can make your temper a little too explosive. It's important to remember that your partner is not your boss, and your home is not the workplace. Before going home, why not stop off at the gym and have a good workout? That will relieve the stress and put you in a better mood if you've had a rough day

Capricorn - Love in 2011 - Singles:

When you date someone, you don't take it lightly. You're looking for a lifetime partner, and not a short-term mistake. Make sure, however, that you keep that to yourself until you're sure about someone.

You prefer people with whom you have a lot in common, but this year you just might fall head over heels for someone who is nothing at all like you. You find this person exciting, loving, and refreshing. Be sure, however, that you get to know him or her on a deep level before committing. Too much frivolity could drain your energy - and your bank account.

You're a serious soul, and this year you really would like to find a mate. And there aren't very many people who view the world the way you do. You're rather vulnerable this year, and your feelings are more easily hurt than usual. Don't get too serious too soon. Before you make any sincere moves, be sure of this person.

Know, if its True Love

Wondering if you've just met the perfect match? Here are some guidelines to help you decide if it's true love.
After several dates, you feel you've found the perfect person. This is your dream mate, the one who will stand by you through thick and thin. You're ready to tie the knot at last.
But is it love? Or is it a cheap imitation, like infatuation, lust, or even simple companionship? Here are a few things to consider as you make the ultimate life-changing
  1. Do you enjoy looking at the person or talking to the person more? Both are important to a mature relationship, but if you find yourself fixated on physical appearance, attracted to your mate because of face, figure, or form, you may be taking a superficial look at your loved one. On the other hand, you don't want to be taken in by flattery or false statements. If your significant other is all talk and no action, that can be a warning sign to drop the relationship before you end up with one broken promise after another. A balance of physical and mental attraction is a healthy signal.
  2. Are you willing to wait to make the relationship work? For example, if your mate pushes you to do things you don't feel comfortable with, can you firmly say no? Will your response be handled respectfully and with patience? It goes both ways, too. Are you willing to wait on your partner to get more serious when he or she is ready, or are you demanding more interaction now? Can you wait to marry until the other person finishes school or are you pushing to live together first? Patience is an important virtue associated with successful, long-term relationships.
  3. Do you support each other by anticipating and meeting needs? For example, if you need to work extra right now to pay off debt before getting married, does your mate understand that the situation is temporary and willingly wait for you to put in the extra hours at your job, rather than complain about your absence? If the person has a list of errands to run before the two of you can get together, do you offer to help?
  4. Are you friends? Companionship lasts much longer than ardor, generally speaking. People in their 70's, 80's, and 90's may lose some of their physical spontaneity, but they maintain a quest for fun and a shared life until the end. Do you laugh together? Enjoy similar activities? Share each other with friends and family? Or do you expect your perfect mate to spend all free time with you exclusively?
  5. Do you want what's best for this person, or do you want what this person can do to help you? For example, if your mate has the chance to get a wonderful job in another city, are you willing to pull up stakes and move, or will you expect the job opportunity to get tossed aside for you? Love means putting the other person's needs ahead of your own, even when that involves sacrifice. While blind agreement to any difference of opinion is unrealistic and unreasonable, a thoughtful discussion of what is better for each of you individually as well as both of you as a couple needs to take place.
Loving another person involves self-sacrifice and compromise. If you are attracted to someone for whom you are unwilling to be patient and to share all parts of your life, you may have a lot of work to do or disappointment to deal with after the wedding. Take time now to assess your relationship with these and other factors to see if you can make a life that could last fifty years or more with the person of your dreams. Because when you wake up, your mate will still be there.



Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Antara KITa

salam~bermulanya entry aku pada harini....aku tak tahu nak buat apa dengan bende alah ni,so skg ni aku try buat "pasal kita"...ntah lah [haha] tetibe je kan3?-aku type apa yang aku rase je...klu rase tak betol zip saje mulut kamu...[haha] kan "dunia acap" bace saje lah kisah dunia  aku... XD

part 1: adanya kamu :P

I :
setiap mase,tak kira walaupun di mane kamu berada,akan adanyer gurau-gurauan ANTARA kita..
disitu aku akan perhatikan gelak ketawe kamu,
cukup manis bila terukir senyuman di bibir..
tak kira la lelaki atau perempuan,
peduli apa aku!![haha]
im not bisexual dgn lelaki ok??[haha]
lepuk kang klu ada yang kate aku mcm tu..
[tak de maknanyer aku jadi bisexual..]
yang ni pun kira2 aku nampak je kamu senyum :P
[angguk2 je]

sentiasa sunyik tanpa kamu,hidup dalam dunia aku bosan tanpa kamu
kamu lah tempat aku mengadu,
kamu lah teman hidup semati aku,
kamu juga lah teman dunia akhirat aku,
aku jenis tak memilih,semua aku kawan
tp klu ada yang hypocrite dgn aku maaf lah 
no comment untuk itu....
[sentiasa ingat yang tu ye..hehe]

bila aku sakit kamu juga tidak ketinggalan di belakang,sentiase mengambil berat terhadap diri aku
terbukti ke ikhlasan kamu terhadap aku,
kasih syg kamu terhadap aku,
akan aku hargai semua yang telah kamu berikan..
sama ada kamu lelaki atau perempuan
sudah cukup kamu membuatkan diri aku begitu bahagia

setiap kali teguran kamu boleh membuatkan mata dan pintu hati aku terbuka
walaupun kedengaran agak sensitif pada awal mulanye,
selepas tu aku akan mula blajar sikit demi sedikit dari kesilapan aku,
ianya sangat bermakne...
[semua bermula dari sensitif nak ke tak nak terpakse juga]

- sampai disini dulu "kisah dunia acap ku"
akan aku sambung lagi di lain hari

di dalam sebuah kisah terdapat rasa
yang mengabur minda
 mengisi jiwa
merindukan kisah kita berdua
yang tak pernah bisa akan terluka
semoge kita bersua lagi 
-salam sje dri aku-

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

aku try masuk dunia blogger

        aku tak tahu la apa yang best sangat dgn blog ni,tp aku try gak kan sje la nak mencube...hehe

thanks la kepada sifu2 yang sudi mengajar aku pasal blog ni...haha
boleh pulak dorang kate aku budak kuno....(aaddeess)
bukan budak kuno la bro...sblm ni aku tak amik tahu pasal email blogger ni kecuali
myspace,yahoomail,google,facebook 2 ajer.. aku mule dgr pasal blogger ni dari mulut kaum2 hawa pokpek2
haa yang aku dgr ,dorg tnye aku ad blog ke tak so aku jwb la tak...
tu yg dorg suh aku cbe buat blogger ni [buat mcm diari sendiri kate kan....]

nanti kalau ad yang  tak lengkap kat saya/aku/ i /acap/ punyer blog,buzz saya/aku/ i /acap/ kat im sebelah kanan ya
: )
saya budak baru belajar,
kalau salah tolong ajarkan